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The best way to ensure timely and quality decisions regarding choice of strategy is to prepare beforehand by acquiring essential knowledge about the challenges and the full range of technology available to help you meet your critical objective. In addition, you should have first-hand knowledge about the pathogens and the products and suppliers you will rely upon to perfect your environment. As a result, protecting the health and safety of all who enter.
SanTuPur | Pathogen Survey

Pathogen Survey

SanTuPur will review each of the areas of concern:  bacteria, spores/fungi, VOC’s, seasonal colds & flu, and viruses, including COVID-19 and all its variants.  While basic information regarding technical details will be provided sufficient for understanding the challenges posed by each

SanTuPur | Pathogen Technology Survey

Technology Survey

SanTuPur will review each technology designed to mitigate pathogen infestation, including:  Passive vs. Active;  Bleach/Ammonia;  Enzymes;  PCO, PECO, HEPA, Ozone, UV, Bipolar ionization, Plasma, UVGI, TSS, and Advanced Catalysis.  As a result, basic information regarding each technology will be provided sufficient to inform a decision as to which approach to choose.  

SanTuPur | Anti-Viral Supplier Introduction

Introductions to Suppliers

SanTuPur will make direct connections to any supplier chosen, in the process, securing best possible pricing.  For decision-makers not quite ready to commit, SanTuPur can arrange a more detailed presentation by the provider chosen.



The decisions you will make in the face of the pandemic currently gripping the country and the world regarding safety of the properties for which you are responsible, will impact the very lives of friends, colleagues, visitors, workers, and family;  Hence, you want those decisions to be the best decisions possible. 

SanTuPur is your entry portal to this knowledge base.

So, if you take advantage of SanTuPur’s invitation to schedule a technical presentation at a day and time most convenient for you, you will find yourself immersed in a survey level course of instruction that will include: 

  1. A discussion of all pathogens, from bacteria, to spores/fungi, VOC’s, seasonal colds and flu, and virus, including COVID-19 and all it’s variants; 
  2. Another discussion of all mitigation strategies and current technologies available designed to defeat the pathogens;
  3. Plus, an introduction to the provider of choice for a deeper dive into that particular technology should you so desire.


An active solution immediately pursues contamination in the atmosphere and on surfaces to remove the contamination before occupants can inhale illness-causing pathogens, in which case, it is superior to passive solutions that have no impact until contaminants have been drawn into the equipment.

Poorly maintained PECO has been known to off-gas formaldehyde and acetaldehyde;  Ozone generation creates carcinogens;  UV light can create ozone and is harmful to skin and eyes if exposed.

PCO requires frequent cleaning of the pre-filter (twice monthly), cleaning of the integrated carbon & HEPA filter every 2 months, bi-monthly cleaning of the particle filter and replacement twice yearly.

Yes, hydrogen peroxide is nature’s cleaning tool and a natural level of concentration is perfectly safe for human occupancy.

Photohydroionization is the cheapest alternative.  That said, it has not been tested against COVID-19 ( a surrogate was used), and the results were only a 3-log reduction (99.9%), which is far short of the FDA-required 6-log reduction (99.9999%) necessary for designation as a High Level Disinfectant suitable for hospital use as such. Desired efficacy is not likely achievable at this price point.  

Pricing runs the gamut;  a duct-work-installed UV system could cost upwards of $20,000.  Other solutions come in at $1,700, $2,500, $3,000, $4,000, or by quotation after system inspection.

Most claim efficacy of 99.99%, or 4-logs, which is short of FDA requirements of 99.9999% and 6-log reductions for hospital use as a High-Level Disinfectant.  Only one solution, Active Pure by Aerus, has achieved FDA’s coveted HLD designation (99.9999% and 6-logs).

Bi-polar ionization claims a kill rate against Coronavirus of only 99.92%, a 3-log reduction;  PCO claims a kill rate of 99.9% against Coronavirus, a 3-log reduction, and 99% (2-logs) against MRSA;  Air Cartridge/HEPA/UV-C, in combination, claim 99.9%, 3-logs.