Let us help you make your environment the safest place to be

As COVID rages and other pathogens threaten us in our indoor environments from homes to schools, to offices and workplaces, and beyond, SanTuPur's mission is: to EDUCATE regarding (1) all potential threats (bacteria, spores, VOC's, and virus, including COVID-19); and (2) all potential solutions; and (3) to provide most favorable CONNECTIONS to any mitigation source desired.

Company Founders

John Fantry | SanTuPur | Pathogen Mitigation in Schools

John Fantry

John brings 20+ years of experience in mitigation strategies for indoor air quality & surface contamination issues.  Co-founder, nzymSys, 2001 a company providing high-level disinfectants with over 150 national distributors and delivering an enzyme process for restoration of mold/bacteria/virus-contaminated properties). 

Founder of SanTuPur, national clearinghouse for all things IAQ, including education, information, consultation, access & introductions.

SanTuPur | Pathogen Mitigation in Schools

the 'team'

The SanTuPur team is populated by other members with similar credentials, each one able to evaluate conditions on-site, provide the information needed to enable quality decisions, thereby ensuring the health and safety of all who enter.  Maximum safety is the SanTuPur objective.  Site evaluation, education, information, consultation, alerts, advisories, engineering, access and connections, form the core of SanTuPur value.